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    ToupView for Android

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  • Main Packages:ToupView for Android is a port of the ToupTekPhotonics'spcsoftwareToupViewtoAndroid.Table3IntroductiontoToupViewforAndroidApplicationNameToupViewApplicationVersion1.1InstallFileNameToupView.apkGooglePlayD

ToupView for Android

ToupView for Android is a port of the ToupTek Photonics' pc software for Android.

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说明: ToupView  for Android

Android Version Requirements

Android 2.3 and later

Supported Cameras

WCAM series:

  • WCAM1080PA
  • WCAM0720PA
  • WCAM0720PB
  • WCAM00300KPA

Supported Control Items

  • Exposure & Gain
  • White Balance
  • Color Adjustment
  • Power Frequency Setting(Anti-filcker)
  • Skip and bin sampling

Utility Video Functions

  • Preview
  • Snap
  • Pinch to zoom in and out
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