EXCCD系列USB2.0 Sony CCD相机

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ToupView is one of the TOUPTEK PHOTONICS’s most famous camera control software. It provides functions to fully control the camera and present the videostream processed by Ultra FineTM color engine at high speed, which includes dedicated pipeline to process the raw data into a realistic scene. Besides, diversified useful tools are provided for specific purpose, such as luminance calibration, measurement, image stitching, extending depth of field, video watermark attachment, color composition, imaging processing and so on. Multi-language mechanism is also realized to support random language, which includes but not limited to English, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Korea, Polish and so on. Now ToupView is widely used in the field of medical microscopic imaging, industrial detection, machine vision, astronomical observation, etc.

ToupView is totally compatible with ToupCam full series of digital cameras. With authorized license, ToupView software could be used with other cameras, which support Twain or DirectShow interface. ToupView is one of the best software in the camera industry, and the United States education department is strongly recommend

Operating System

Microsoft Windows:

  • 32bit Windows XP, Vista, 2008, Win7, Win8
  • 64bit Windows XP, Vista, 2008, Win7, Win8


  • OS X 10.6,OS X 10.7,OS X 10.8



  • Linux 2.6 or above

Supported Language

Standard Language Package:

  • 1. Simplified Chinese, 2. Traditional Chinese, 3. English

Optional Language Package:

  • 4. German, 5. Japanese, 6. Russian, 7. French, 8. Italian, 9.Polish, 10. Turkish
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