EXCCD系列USB2.0 Sony CCD相机

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  • 文件描述:The "toupcam.zip" is for the those who wish develop the camera with their own style or function application.

What's in the ToupCam.zip file?

ToupCam cameras can support various kinds of APIs (Application Program Interface), namely Native C/C++, DirectShow and Twain.

We recommend to use Native C/C++ API to develop their applicationl,  Compared with DirectShow and Twain, Native C/C++ API is characterized by the employment of Native C/C++ only without any other run-time libraries. Besides, this interface is simple, flexible and easy to integrate into the customized applications. The SDK contains all of the necessary information:

Those who are still interested  in DirectShow,Twain and LabView techniques can find their file in the Extras directory.





inc Directory: 

toupcam.h, C/C++ header file 
toupcam.cs, for .Net/C#. The toupcam.cs use P/Invoke to call into toupcam.dll. Please copy toupcam.cs to your .Net/C# project to use it.

Lib File:

x86 oupcam.lib,
x64 oupcam.lib

Dll File:

x86 oupcam.dll,

x64 oupcam.dll

Kernel Mode

Drivers: see the “drivers” directory

Sample Code:

toupcamdemocpp, C++ sample. To keep the code clean, this sample uses the WTL library which can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/wtl/ 
toupcamdemocs, c# console sample. 
Toupcamdemowinform, c# winform sample,

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