EXCCD Series C-mount USB2.0 CCD Camera

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    ToupLite for Windows/MacOS/Linux

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  • Main Packages:ToupLite for Windows/macOS/Linux

ToupLite for Windows/MacOS/Linux

ToupLite is a lite version of ToupView and provides basic camera video preview and control functions on multi-platform.



ToupTekToupLiteSetup.exe (Click the left blue link to download)
  • x86: XP SP3 or above; CPU supports SSE2 instruction set or above
  • x64: Win7 or above


ToupTekToupLite.dmg(Click the left blue link to download)

  • x86 and x64 bundle; macOS 10.10 or above


ToupTekToupLite.x86.tar.bz2 (Click the left blue link to download)

  • kernel 2.6.27 or above
  • x86: CPU supports SSE3 instruction set or above; GLIBC 2.8 or above

ToupTekToupLite.x64.tar.bz2(Click the left blue link to download)

  • kernel 2.6.27 or above
  • x64: GLIBC 2.14 or above

Supported Cameras

  • All ToupTek USB & WLAN cameras

Supported Control Items

  • Exposure & Gain
  • White Balance
  • Color Adjustment
  • Frame Rate Control
  • Power Frequency Setting(Anti-filcker)
  • Flip
  • Skip and bin sampling

Utility Video Functions

  • Preview
  • Still Snap
  • Video Record

Provided SDK;

The SDK is included in toupcamsdk.zip(Click the left blue link to download) and toupnamsdk.zip(Click the left blue link to download), which can be find in


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