EXCCD Series C-mount USB2.0 CCD Camera

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    Help files for ToupCam camera

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  • Main Packages:Including all of the ToupTek products, Toupcam installation maual and FAQ about ToupTek products

Help files for ToupCam camera

Package(click to download) Descriptions
ToupTek Product Catalog

Including All of the ToupTek


ToupCam Installation Manual

ToupCam quick guide installation Manual. The contents are:

Trademark and Copyright Information 
Warnings and Precautions 
System Requirements 
Package Contents 
Product Safety Information 
Installing the Software 
Camera Connect 
Connect the Camera to the Microscope 
Connect the Camera to the Computer
License Agreement

Help Manual for ToupView

Detailed manual on how to use ToupView for ToupCam Camera


FAQ about ToupTek Camera, SDK and ToupView

Camera Adapter and Digital Microscope A long articel wrote by ToupTek scientist on how to design, select the camera adaptor to transfer your microscope to digital microscope.


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