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Why ToupViewX for Mac OS X and GNU/Linux?

Microsoft Windows operating system occupies the majority of the computer market. Almost all of our customers use Windows for their working platform. However, with the rapid growing of our business all over the world, we found that several of our distributors asked us for camera control software for Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. That’s when we started thinking about developing a cross platform camera operating software-ToupView(mi)X.

          Before actual coding of ToupViewX, we analyzed customers’ feedbacks for ToupView. The conclusion is that most of the customers need an easy-to-use camera control software. Some high level functions in ToupView, such as multi-focus image fusion, image stitching and online measurement .etc, are not used very often. Thus, the design philosophy ONE of ToupViewX comes out-simple yet powerful enough. Simple means very few operations are needed to open the camera and start capture. Powerful means all controls of ToupTek UltraFine Color Engine are provided for advanced customers.

            ToupTek R&D team then analyzed Mac OS X and GNU/Linux systems. Both are POSIX compliant and thus cross platform would be possible. To make the customers a universal user experience, the GUI layout should be exactly the same on both platforms. In the mean time, a native application appearance is also important. So came out ToupViewX design philosophy TWO-universal user experience while preserve native application appearance.

That is everything about ToupViewX.

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