L3CMOS Series C-Mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

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New E3CMOS06300KPA Camera for Fluorescent Mircoscope

In 2015, ToupTek scientist release E3CMOS series USB3.0 camera with high sensitivity for Fluorescent microscope.

Image Captured with E3CMOS06300KPA

RGB Image Captured with E3CMOS02300KPA

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Red Fluorescent Image

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Green Fluorescent Image

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Blue Fluorescent Image

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Fused Fluorescent Image

About the E3CMOS06300KPA and IMX 178LQJ

E3CMOS06300KPA uses IMS178LQJ sensor.  The Sony IMX178LQJ sensor is a back-illuminated structure CMOS image sensor , supporting three formats of 4:3, 5:4, and 16:9 ratio with type 1/2 in 5M-effective pixel. Adopting back-illuminated structure with 2.4 µm unit pixel and 14 bit ADC, it provides all three advantages of high resolution, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range, which are necessary for security cameras. The senor has the following characteristic:

- Back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm unit pixel

- 10 bit/12 bit/14 bit A/D converters

- Supporting type 1/2 5M effective pixels in 3 formats

- HLP (High Light Performance) mode

- LLP (Low Light Performance) mode

- Pin compatible with the existing product "IMX185LQJ"


High Sensitivity

To achieve high sensitivity, which is one of the most important characteristics for security cameras, this time Sony developed back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm unit pixel and accomplished the equivalent sensitivity as the existing back-illuminated structure 2.8 µm unit pixel, "IMX136LQJ"*2. Also near infrared sensitivity was improved from the IMX136LQJ, which is equivalent to the IMX236LQJ*3, and it is suitable for Day/Night cameras and near infrared light LED used as auxiliary light.


High Dynamic Range

Dynamic range is determined by the ratio of saturation signal and dark random noise. The IMX178LQJ featuring 14 bit ADC reduced quantization noise and also suppressed dark random noise. At the result, high dynamic range was achieved, which is equivalent to the existing 3.75 µm unit pixel, the IMX104LQJ*4. It enables clear image quality in light and dark areas even for the objects with high contrast.


Image Format

The format for image size of security camera is typically 4:3, 5:4 for fisheye lens, or 16:9 for full HD. The IMX178LQJ supports all these three formats in 5M pixels high resolution. Also it secures high resolution as well as high sensitivity and high dynamic range at the same time, therefore the specification works best for high performance security cameras with type 1/2 lenses.

Compatibility with Existing Sony Products 

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact to our sales department!

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