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Why Touptek is so aggressive?

Often, many ToupTek customers ask us why ToupTek is so aggressive? The reasons are

ToupTek is formed by a dynamic group of young Ph.Ds from electrical, optical, mechanical and computer engineering fields...
ToupTek members try to do something interesting and meaningful to the world...
ToupTek pursuits superior quality for their products...
ToupTek's products are all carefully organized and properly prepared...
ToupTek thinks customer service is the most important part of any business...
ToupTek's products enjoy unlimited service in the world.

ToupTek has 5 Ph.Ds from top 5 universities in China and most of them have the working experience in North America. For Example,
Field YU has been a Research Fellow in HKUST and NUS;
Peng LOO got his Ph.D from Zhejiang University and has the working experience in South America;
Lei CHANG graduated with Ph.D degree from Qinghua University;
Koo SHA is with Zhejiang University Ph.D and  who is good at optics and algorithm;

Shalong KWOK got his MS from Zhejiang University and is good at hardware and firmware.


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