L3CMOS Series C-Mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

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New E3CMOS02300KPA camera for fluorescent microscope

In 2015, ToupTek scientist release E3CMOS series USB3.0 camera with high sensitivity for Fluorescent microscope.

Image Captured with E3CMOS02300KPA

RGB Image Captured with E3CMOS02300KPA

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Red Fluorescent Image

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Green Fluorescent Image

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Blue Fluorescent Image

 ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Fused Fluorescent Image

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact to our sales department!

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