L3CMOS Series C-Mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

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Latest released ToupTek new products


A new series called BigEye is added. 3 cameras are included.
A new model XFCAM1080PHB is added into the microscope auto-focus HDMI CMOS camera


Added SCMOS05000KPB and SCMOS03000KPB into to SCMOS series. SCMOS05000KPB and SCMOS03000KPB have fast speed than SCMOS05000KPA and SCMOS03000KPA;
Added ECMOS05000KPA into ECMOS series. We have no such mode before.


Added 3 microscope TE-cooling cameras into the MTR3CMOS series, there are MTR3CMOS16000KPA, MTR3CMOS16000KMA and MTR3CMOS10300KPA.


Added XCAM1080PHE into the HDMI series. XCAM1080PHE adopts large Sony global shutter CMOS sensor which is a best replacement of traditional CCD video camera plus monitor application.


Added E3CMOS12300KMA to E3CMOS series. The sensor size is about 1.1”


Add 1 resolution 30@3360x2526 to U3ISPM16000KPB Change UCMOS01300KPA sensor to SC1235(C)


Change the E3CMOS02300KPB from IMX302 to IMX249; Add E3CMOS20000KMA to E3CMOS series


Added 4 models camera to the MTR3CCCD series,they are MTR3CCD12000KPA, MTR3CCD12000KMA, MTR3CCD09000KPA and MTR3CCD09000KMA


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