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Calibrated for use with integrating sphere

The TP-LS-1-CAL-INT is designed for calibrating the absolute spectral response of your system when using the Fiber Optic Integrating Sphere as your sampling optic. The TP-LS-1-CAL-INT comes with a PTFE diffuser plug that fits snugly into the sample port of the Integrating Sphere to measure absolute spectral intensities of LEDs and other emission sources.

Basic Specification

Spectral range (calibrated):

300-1050 nm (calibrated)

Power consumption:

800 mA @ 12 VDC

Power output:

6.5 watts

Bulb life:

900 hours (recommend recalibration after 50 hours of use)


Required after ~50 hours of operation

Bulb color temperature:

3100 K

Output regulation:

0.2% voltage

Time to stabilized output:

~30 minutes


SMA 905 for fiber; 6.35-mm barrel for cosine corrector; PTFE plug for integrating sphere


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