MTR3CCD Series Temperature Regulated C-mount  USB3.0 TE-cooling CCD Camera

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Image Stitching
  • Image Stitching

  • ToupView for all ToupCam camera;
  • Unlimited language support;
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2008, Win7, Win8(32/64 bit)/Max/Linux
  • Ultra Fine color engine;
  • Diversified useful tools;
  • Medical microscopic imaging,Industrial detection;
  • Machine vision; Astronomical observation;
  • Specification

    Image Stitching

    Digital image processing allows us to see immense amounts of detail within an image. Intensity, spatial and morphometric details are easily captured and evaluated nowadays thanks to easily affordable, highly sensitive and very precise imaging systems. Coupled with image analysis software programs, extracting quantifiable information is a snap.

                  But it is the nature of research to push technology and it is no longer enough to collect and evaluate data from a single image when multiple images tell a bigger story. Creating a large composite image from several individual acquisitions allows us to see, literally, the bigger picture. Increasingly, it’s the bigger picture we are interested in evaluating. Fortunately, hardware and software technologies converge perfectly to provide the basis for creating perfectly aligned tiled and stitched images.

                ToupView supports both the image stitching for both the opened images and the images in browsing window.

    Example of Image Stitching

    ToupTek Photonics | ToupCamToupTek Photonics | ToupCamToupTek Photonics | ToupCam    
    ToupTek Photonics | ToupCamToupTek Photonics | ToupCam    

    Sample Images for Stitching

    ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

    Image Stitched

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