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TZM0325 0.3-2.5X MZO
  • TZM0325 0.3-2.5X MZO

  • With 0.3X~2.5X zoom range, 8X zoom ratio
  • Larger NA: 0.011-0.062 (When using 1.00x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Higher resolution: 25um-4.43um (When using 1.00x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Larger sensor size: 2/3” (When using 1.00x TV Lens)
  • Working distance range: 100mm (When using 1.00x Auxiliary Lens)
  • With adjustable BFL, parfocal in zoom range
  • With adjustable center, the image center remains unchanged from 2.5x to 0.3x
  • Compact size: 183 mm (Length) × 40 mm (Diameter)
  • Auxiliary Lens with 1.00x magnification (Customizable)
  • TV Lens with 1.00x magnification (Customizable)
  • Brightness adjustable LED Direct Ring Light (Optional)
  • LED Transmissive Light (Optional)
  • 45mm or 50mm Bracket Adapter (Optional)
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    TZM0325 Series MZO

    TZM0325 series MZO (Monocular Zoom Objective) is an ideal choice for machine vision, industrial inspection, scientific research and education. The design is based on the bilateral parallel light path principle and the modular design concept, with superior optical performance and strong compatibility.

    TZM0325Help Manual (Please click the left to download)

    The Optical Specifications of TZM0325 MZO

    Model WD/mm PMAG NA Camera Size FOV/mm Resolution/um
    TZM0325(D)-W5100-TV5100 100 0.3x-2.5x 0.011-0.062 1/3”
    200 0.15x-1.25x 0.006-0.031 1/3”
    133 0.225x-1.875x 0.008-0.047 1/3”
    67 0.45x-3.75x 0.017-0.093 1/3”
    50 0.6x-5.0x 0.022-0.124 1/3”
    WD: Working Distance; PMAG: Primary Magnification; FOV: Field of View in the object side; NA: Numerical Aperture; D: Represents Detent

    Auxiliary Lens

    The replaceable Auxiliary Lens (code W4bbb), which can be threaded to the bottom of the Middle Zoom Module, here 4 is the series number, bbb represents the magnification of Auxiliary Lens. Different magnification of Auxiliary Lens defines the entire magnification of TZM0325 series MZO, resulting different working distance as well. For example, W5100 Auxiliary Lens with 1.00x magnification reaches 100mm working distance, while W5050 Auxiliary Lens will have a reduced magnification to half and the working distance will be extended to about 200mm. Auxiliary Lens and its corresponding optical parameters for TZM0325 are shown in Table shown below:

    The order number and optical parameters of Auxiliary Lens
    Order number Magnification Working distance(mm)
    W5050(TBD) 0.50X 200
    W5075(TBD) 0.75X 133
    W5100 1.00X 100
    W5150(TBD) 1.50X 67
    W5200(TBD) 2.00X 50

    Note: The same Auxiliary Lens with different TV lens is just used to adapt to different size image sensor, which will not have much impact on the field of view of the MZO.

    TV Lens

    The TV Lens (code TV4ccc), which can be threaded to the top of the Middle Zoom Module, here 4 is the series number, ccc is the magnification of the TV Lens. TV Lens with different magnification is used to adapt to sensors with different size . For example, the same field of view could be obtained when TV5100 is used with a 2/3” size sensor and TV5050 is used with a 1/3” size sensor. TV Lens and its corresponding optical parameters are shown in Table below:

    The order number and optical parameters of TV Lens
    Order number Magnification The maximum compatible sensor size
    TV5100 1.00X 2/3"

    Note: Smaller image sensors can also be used for TV Lens with higher magnification, but in this way, the FOV of MZO will be reduced.

    Bracket Adapter

    Bracket Adapter (code Add) used for brackets with different mounting apertures and is sheathed in the middle of MZO. dd is the diameter of the bracket. Current available Adds include A50 and A45. The installation method of the Bracket Adapter and bracket is shown in Figure below:

    Packing Information
    TZM0325 series MZO bracket adapter

    The Dimension of TZM0325 Series MZO

    The dimension of TZM0325-W5100-TV5100 is shown in Figure below。TZM0325-W5100-TV5100 total length is 182。

    Packing Information
    Dimension of TZM0325-W5100-TV5100(Left);Dimension of TZM0325-W5100-TV5100-A50+TZM0756DRL-85 light(Right)

    TZM0325 Function Module Optional Order List

    Module Order number Quantity Remarks Remarks
    Middle Zoom Module TZM0325     Ordinary Middle Zoom Module
    TZM0325D     Middle Zoom Module with detent
    Auxiliary Lens Module W5100     1.0X Object Lens
    W5050 (TBD)     0.5 Object Lens
    W5075 (TBD)     0.75X Object Lens
    W5150 (TBD)     1.5X Object Lens
    W5200 (TBD)     2.0X Object Lens
    TV Lens TV5100     For 2/3"Sensor
    Bracket Adapter A45     45mm Bracket Adapter
    A50     50mm Bracket Adapter
    LED Direct Ring Light Module TZM0756DRL-65     LED Direct Ring Light (65mm outer diameter)
    TZM0756DRL-85     LED Direct Ring Light (85mm outer diameter)
    TZM0756DRPL     LED Direct Ring Polarization Light
    Transmissive Light Module TZM0756TL     LED Transmissive Light
    Power of Light Source 40600014     POWER-U-12V1A(American Standard)
    40600015     POWER-E-12V1A(European Standard)


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