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ZM0480WU1080PA All-in-one Zoom Monocular WiFi/USB Digital Microscope
  • ZM0480WU1080PA All-in-one Zoom Monocular WiFi/USB Digital Microscope

  • Lens, camera and light source all in one
  • 0.4X-8.0X continuous zoom lens
  • Multiple objectives available
  • Magnetic adjustable wireless light source
  • Sony back-illuminated high-sensitivity sensor
  • Real-time 50@1920*1080(WiFi/USB), output
  • ToupView/ToupLite software for easy control and measurement
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    ZM0480WU1080PA All-in-one  Zoom Monocular WiFi/USB Digital Microscope

    ZM0480WU1080PA All-in-one  Zoom Monocular WiFi/USB Digital Microscope is shown in Figure 1. It has 20x continuous zoom lens ZM0480-W3100-TV3050, 1080P CMOS sensor WiFi or USB2.0 camera WU1080PA and LED ring light source TZM0756DRL-NPC.

    The WU1080PA module can directly complete the video and image acquisition with a computer, and the LED ring light source module is directly connected to the WU1080PA module through the main body of the optical continuous zoom lens with no need of the external power supply.

    ZM0480WU1080PA meets the digital imaging observation, inspection and measurement in the fields of modern electronic equipment, semiconductor, laser, led, LCD, industrial on-line detection and biology

    Packing Information Packing Information

    Packing Information

    The Main Zoom Body TZM0480-W3100-TV3050's Characteristics

    Optical Parameters
    Zoom Lens TZM0480-W3100-TV3050 zoom lens,0.4X-8.0X zoom range
    Working Distance 86mm-174mm (Determined by the auxiliary objective)
    NA 0.01-0.12(With W3100,1x auxiliary objective)
    Resolution 27.5um-2.3um(With W3100,1x auxiliary objective))
    Field 1.6mm-63.9mm
    Optional Objective 0.50x,0.75x,1.00x(Optional)
    Other Optional Objective Infinite microscope objective (Both biological microscope objective and metallographic microscope objective can be used)
    Dimensions 223mm x 52mm
    Bracket Interface Standard 50mm

    The Optional Objective Wxxx for TZM0480-W3100-TV3050

    Auxiliary Objective Specification TV Lens TV3050 for 1/3" Sensor
    Low High
    W3100,1.0X(86mm WD) PMAG 0.20X~4.00X
    FOV 31.95mm 1.60mm
    NA 0.010 0.112
    W3050,0.5X(174mm WD) PMAG 0.10X~2.00X
    FOV 63.90mm 3.2mm
    NA 0.005 0.056
    W3075,0.75X(115mm WD) PMAG 0.15X~3.00X
    FOV 42.60mm 2.13mm
    NA 0.008 0.084

    When using coaxial lighting, low magnification may produce vignetting.
    When using infinity objectives as Auxiliary Lens Module (adapter available), the PMAG、FOV and NA of the TZM0480 depends on the parameters of the objectives.

    WD: Working Distance;

    NA: Numerical Aperture;

    PMAG: Primary Magnification;

    FOV: Field of View in the object side;

    Note: Infinity corrected objectives limit system's usable zoom range due to uneven illumination. The maximum sensor format is 2/3".

    ZM0480WU1080PA's WU1080PA Specification

    Packing Information

    Interface and Button Function Description
    LED LED status indicator;
    Micro USB Connect Micro USB 5V power supply to power the camera, Camera provides WiFi AP connection mode;
    Connecting USB port of PC for video transfer;
    Camera Hardware Function Description
    WU1080PA Camera Attach to the ZM0756 main zoom body
    Sensor Sony IMX307(C), 2M,1/2.8"(5.57x3.13),pixel size 2.9um x 2.9um
    G Sensitivity /Dark Signal/
    Dynamic Range /SNR
    1300mv with 1/30s
    FPS/Resolution 50@1920*1080(USB), 50@1920*1080(WiFi)
    Exposure 0.01~1000ms
    Hardware Configurations
    USB Video Interface Connecting USB port of PC for video transfer; MJPEG format video, supported 50fps@1080P;
    WiFi Interface Support 802.11b/g/n protocols in AP mode; 50fps@1920*1080 H264 encoded video and Jpeg image capture;
    Color Technique Ultra-Fine Color Engine;
    ISP Function Exposure(Automatic / Manual Exposure) , Gain, White Balance(Automatic / Manual / ROI Mode), Sharpening, 3D Denoise, Saturation Adjustment, Contrast Adjustment, Brightness Adjustment, Gamma Adjustment, Color to Gray, 50HZ/60HZ Anti-flicker Function, Anti-flicker, Mirror/Flip.
    Capture/Control SDK Windows/Linux/macOS/Android Multiple Platform SDK; DirectShow, Twain
    Operating Environment
    Operating Temperature(in Centidegree) -10~ 50
    Storage Temperature(in Centidegree) -20~ 60
    Operating Humidity 30~80%RH
    Storage Humidity 10~60%RH
    Power Supply USB DC 5V/1A Adapter
    Software Environment
    Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 (32 & 64 bit)
    OSx(Mac OS X)
    PC Requirements CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
    Memory:2GB or More
    WiFi Adaptor: Support 802.11 b/g/n
    Display:17” or Larger
    Lighting Module
    LED Ring Light LED direct ring light with adjustable brightness(No power cable)( TZM0756DRL-NPC)
    LED Ring Polarization Light LED direct ring polarization light with adjustable brightness(No power cable),(TZM0756DRPL-NPC)
    Coaxial Light Module LED Coaxial Light Module with adjustable brightness(No power cable),(TZM0756CL_NPC)
    Power Supply Integrated power supply, no power cable winding trouble, sample observation more freely
    Installation Method Express second-level suction type installation, convenient and simple
    Brightness Control Through the 3-way multi-function adjusting wheel or software GUI, both the hardware and software can adjust the light intensity synchronously with no hassle


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