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TZM0745B 0.7-4.5X MZO
  • TZM0745B 0.7-4.5X MZO

  • With 0.7X~4.5X zoom range, 6.5X zoom ratio
  • Larger NA: 0.02-0.07 (When using 1x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Higher resolution: 17um-3.9um (When using 1.00x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Larger field of view: 2.67mm-22.85mm (Object plane)
  • Larger sensor size: 1/1.8” (When using 0.75x TV Lens)
  • Working distance range: 95mm-127mm
  • Compact size: 136 mm (length) × 38mm (diameter)
  • Parfocal in zoom range
  • Intensity adjustable LED Direct Ring Light (Optional)
  • LED Transmissive Light (Optional)
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    The Application of TZM0745B Series MZO

    TZM0745B series MZO uses finite opical system structure with excellent optical performance(TZM0745B Manual).

    TZM0745B series MZO is an ideal choice for most applications that requires multiple magnifications or for those that prohibits continual manual refocusing. The applications of TZM0745B series MZO are:

    • Machine vision
    • Small details inspection
    • Industrial inspection especially electronic components
    • Scientific research
    • Medical industry
    • Education industry

    The Structure and Characteristic of TZM0745B Series MZO

    The modular design of TZM0745B series MZO is showed below. The design is based on the finite optical system path principle and consists of five basic modules. The five basic modules are: The Main Body including Middle Zoom Module, Auxiliary Lens Module, TV Lens Module, Bracket Adapter Module and Optional Module.

    Packing Information

    In order to configure TZM0745B series MZO, we name TZM0745B series products with a series module code, which is a combination of code of different modules and connected with crossbar “-” as shown in the following example:


    In the above expression, aa represents the main body type, bbb represents the magnification of the auxiliary objective lens, ccc represents the magnification of the TV lens, and dd represents the diameter of the adapter. With this paradigm, user can understand the meaning and function at a glance. For example, if a MZO is composed of Middle Zoom Module TZM0745B, Auxiliary Lens W100(1.00x), TV Lens TV050(0.5x) and 50mm Bracket Adapter A50, the final MZO can be expressed as:


    Currently available TZM0745Baa: TZM0745B;

    Currently available Wbbb: W075 and W100;

    Currently available TVccc: TV050 and TV075;

    Currently available Add: A50 and A45;

    Current available Optional Module: TZM0745BDRL and TZM0745BTL.

    Module of TZM0745B Series MZO

    There are four models for TZM0745B, they are

    • TZM0745B-W100-TV075
    • TZM0745B-W100-TV050
    • TZM0745B-W075-TV075
    • TZM0745B-W075-TV050

    Which are the combination of TZM0745B main body, auxiliary lenes and TV lenes with different magnification. For example: model TZM0745B-W100-TV050, it represents the magnification of main body is between 0.7X and 4.5X, the magnification of the objective is 1.0X and the magnification of TV Lens is 0.5X.

    User can choose different model according to the sensor size and working distance. they are shown in the table below:

    Specifications of TZM0745B with Different Auxiliary and TV Lens

    Order Number Magnification of main body Magnification of system NA Working distance DFOV(mm) The maximum compatible sensor size
    TZM0745B-W100-TV050 0.7X-4.5X 0.35X-2.25X 0.016-0.07 95mm 17.14-2.67 1/3inch
    TZM0745B-W100-TV075 0.7X-4.5X 0.53X-3.38X 0.016-0.07 95mm 17.14-2.67 1/1.8inch
    TZM0745B-W075-TV050 0.7X-4.5X 0.26X-1.69X 0.012-0.053 127mm 22.86-3.56 1/3inch
    TZM0745B-W075-TV075 0.7X-4.5X 0.39X-2.53X 0.012-0.053 127mm 22.86-3.56 1/1.8inch

    The Optional Modules of TZM0745B Series MZO

    Module  Order Number Description
    LED Direct Ring Light Module TZM0745BDRL LED Direct Ring Light
    Transmissive Light Module TZM0745BTL LED Transmissive Light
    Power of light source 40600014 US:POWER-U-12V1A(Power Adapter American Standard)
    40600015 DE: POWER-E-12V1A(Power Adapter European standard

    The Dimension of TZM0745B Series MZO

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