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  • TZM0660 0.6-6.0X MZO(10x)

  • With 0.6X~6.0X zoom range, 10X zoom ratio
  • Larger NA: 0.015-0.09 (When using 1.00x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Higher resolution:18.3um-3.1um (When using 1.00x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Larger field of view: 1.19mm-57.14mm (Object plane)
  • Larger sensor size: 2/3” (When using 1.00x TV Lens)
  • Working distance range: 56mm-248mm
  • With adjustable BFL, parfocal in zoom range
  • With adjustable center, the image center remains unchanged from 6.0x to 0.6x
  • Compatible with infinity objectives (both biological and metallographic)
  • Compact size: 194 mm (length) × 40 mm (diameter)
  • Auxiliary Lens with 0.35x, 0.50x, 0.75x, 1.00x, 1.50x magnification (Optional)
  • TV Lens with 0.50x, 0.75x, 1.00x magnification (Optional)
  • Brightness adjustable LED Direct Ring Light (Optional)
  • Brightness adjustable LED Direct Ring Polarization Light (Optional)
  • Brightness adjustable LED coaxial illumination (Optional)
  • LED Transmissive Light (Optional)
  • 45mm or 50mm Bracket Adapter (Optional)
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    Introduction of TZM0660 Series MZO

    TZM0660 series MZO (Monocular Zoom Objective) is an ideal choice for machine vision, industrial inspection, scientific research and education. The design is based on the bilateral parallel light path principle and the modular design concept, with superior optical performance and strong compatibility.

    TZM0660 Help Manual (Please click left blue link to download)

    The Modular Design of TZM0660 Series MZO

    The modular design of TZM0660 series MZO is showed in Figure below. The design consists of five basic modules, including Middle Zoom Module, Auxiliary Lens Module, TV Lens Module, Bracket Adapter Module and Optional Module.

    Packing Information
    The five basic modules of TZM0660 series MZO

    The Nomenclature of TZM0660 Series MZO

    Because of TZM0660 series MZO’s modular design, each module of TZM0660 series MZO is named respectively. The specific naming rules and corresponding parameters of each module are as follows:

    Module One: Middle Zoom Module

    The Middle Zoom Module (code TZM0660a), which is the main body of TZM0660 series MZO. TZM0660 represents the code of Middle Zoom Module and letter a represents the auxiliary code of Middle Zoom Module. Details are listed in Table below:

    The order number and function of the Middle Zoom Module
    Order Number Meaning TZM0660 Postfix meaning
    TZM0660 Ordinary Middle Zoom Module 0.6X~6.0X NA
    TZM0660D Middle Zoom Module with detent to fix the magnification function 0.6X~6.0X D:Detent

    Module Two: Auxiliary Lens Module

    The replaceable Auxiliary Lens (code W3bbb), which can be threaded to the bottom of the Middle Zoom Module, here 3 is the series number, bbb represents the magnification of Auxiliary Lens. Different magnification of Auxiliary Lens defines the entire magnification of TZM0660 series MZO, resulting different working distance as well. For example, W3100 Auxiliary Lens with 1.00x magnification reaches 86mm working distance, while W3050 Auxiliary Lens will have a reduced magnification to half and the working distance will be extended to about 174mm. Auxiliary Lens and its corresponding optical parameters for TZM0660 are shown in Table below.

    The order number and optical parameters of Auxiliary Lens
    Order number Magnification Working distance(mmm
    W3035 0.35X 248
    W3050 0.50X 174
    W3075 0.75X 115
    W3100 1.00X 86
    W3150 1.50X 56

    Note: The same Auxiliary Lens with different TV lens is just used to adapt to different size image sensor, which will not have much impact on the field of view of the MZO.

    Module Three: TV Lens

    The TV Lens (code TV3ccc), which can be threaded to the top of the Middle Zoom Module, here 3 is the series number, ccc is the magnification of the TV Lens. TV Lens with different magnification is used to adapt to sensors with different size . For example, the same field of view could be obtained when TV3100 is used with a 2/3” size sensor and TV3050 is used with a 1/3” size sensor. TV Lens and its corresponding optical parameters are shown in Table below:

    The order number and optical parameters of TV Lens
    Order number Magnification The maximum compatible sensor size
    TV3050 0.50X 1/3"
    TV3075 0.75X 1/1.8"
    TV3100 1.00X 2/3"

    Note:Smaller image sensors can also be used for TV Lens with higher magnification, but in this way, the FOV of MZO will be reduced.

    Module Four: Bracket Adapter

    Bracket Adapter (code Add) used for brackets with different mounting apertures and is sheathed in the middle of MZO. dd is the diameter of the bracket. Current available Adds include A50 and A45. The installation method of the Bracket Adapter and bracket is shown in Figure below:

    Packing Information
    TZM0660 series’ Bracket Adapter

    Module Five: The Optional Module

    The Optional Modules include LED Direct Ring Light Module (including LED Direct Ring Light Module and LED Direct Ring Polarization Light Module) and Coaxial Light Module (composed of Coaxial Light Adapter and LED Spot Light). The currently possible samples are shown in Table below:.

    The Optional Module: Light source module for TZM0660 series MZO
    Module Order Number Description
    Coaxial Light Module TZM0756CL+TZM0756SL Coaxial Light Adapter + LED Spot Light
    LED Direct Ring Light Module TZM0756DRL LED Direct Ring Light(65mm outer diameter)
    TZM0756DRL-85 LED Direct Ring Light(85mm outer diameter)
    TZM0756DRPL LED Direct Ring Polarization Light
    Transmissive Light Module TZM0756TL LED Transmissive Light
    Power of light source 40600014 US:POWER-U-12V1A(Power Adapter American Standard)
    40600015 DE: POWER-E-12V1A(Power Adapter European standard

    The Naming of TZM0660 Series MZO

    We have a special naming format for TZM0660 series MZO, we name TZM0660 series products with a series module code, which is a combination of code of different modules and connected with crossbar “-” to form a comprehensive naming. With this paradigm, user can understand the meaning and function briefly. For example, if a MZO is composed of Middle Zoom Module TZM0660D, Auxiliary Lens W3100(1.00x), TV Lens TV3050(0.5x) and 50mm Bracket Adapter A50, the final MZO can be expressed as:


    Currently available TZM0660a: TZM0660, TZM0660D (D represents Detent);

    Currently available W3bbb: W3100, W3035,W3050, W3075,W3150;

    Currently available TV3ccc: TV3100, TV3050, TV3075;

    Currently available Add: A50 and A45;

    Currently available Optional Modules are LED Direct Ring Light Module (including LED Direct Ring Light Module and LED Direct Ring Polarization Light Module) and Coaxial Light Module (composed of Coaxial Light Adapter and LED Spot Light).

    The other Auxiliary Lens with b.bb magnification, TV Lens with c.cc magnification and Bracket Adapter with dd mm size can be customized according to the requirements.

    The Configuration of TZM0660 with Five Modules

    The Configuration of TZM0660 with Five Modules is shown below, with this configuration, user can configure required TZM0660 MZO at ease. TZM0660 series MZO can be combined with Camera Module (optional) to form a digital monocular zoom microscope.

    Packing Information
    The five modules and TZM0660 MZO

    The Optical Specifications of TZM0660 with Different Auxiliary Lens and TV Lens

    The optical specifications of TZM0660 with different Auxiliary Lens and TV Lens are shown in Table below. Auxiliary Lens and TV Lens with 1.00x are listed in the left-up cell. Its data is the basis of the other parameters in the whole table.

    TZM0660-W3100-TV3100 and its extensions
    Auxiliary Lens Specification TV3100
    WD 86mm
    PMAG 0.60 6.00 0.30 3.00 0.45 4.50
    DFOV/mm 18.33 1.83 20.00 2.00 17.78 1.78
    NA 0.015 0.090 0.015 0.090 0.015 0.090
    WD 248mm
    PMAG 0.21 2.10 0.11 1.05 0.16 1.58
    DFOV/mm 52.38 5.24 57.14 5.71 50.79 5.08
    NA 0.005 0.032 0.005 0.032 0.005 0.032
    WD 174mm
    PMAG 0.30 3.00 0.15 1.50 0.23 2.25
    DFOV/mm 36.67 3.67 40.00 4.00 35.56 3.56
    NA 0.007 0.045 0.007 0.045 0.007 0.045
    WD 115mm
    PMAG 0.45 4.50 0.23 2.25 0.34 3.38
    DFOV/mm 24.44 2.44 26.67 2.67 23.70 2.37
    NA 0.011 0.068 0.011 0.068 0.011 0.068
    WD 56mm
    PMAG 0.90 9.00 0.45 4.50 0.68 6.75

    WD: Working Distance;
    PMAG: Primary Magnification;
    FOV: Field of View in the object side;
    NA: Numerical Aperture;
    Note: Infinity corrected objectives will limit system's usable zoom range due to uneven illumination.

    The Dimension of TZM0660 Series MZO

    The dimension of TZM0660 series MZO with different Auxiliary Lens and TV Lens a) TZM0660-W3050-TV3050; b) TZM0660-W3075-TV3075; c) TZM0660-W3100-TV3100 are showed in Figure below. The length of the MZO with different TV Lens will be slightly different. The length of TZM0660-W3100-TV3100-A50 is 194mm.

    Packing Information
    Dimension of TZM0660 series MZO with different Auxiliary Lens and TV Lens a) TZM0660-W3050-TV3050; b) TZM0660-W3075-TV3075 c) TZM0660-W3100-TV3100

    How to Configure TZM0660 Series MZO

    The corresponding parameters of TZM0660 series MZO are listed in Table below. A specific combination can be determined according to the following steps.

    1. Confirm the possible range of 1) FOV and 2) Working Distance in the object space to choose the Auxiliary Lens.
    2. Choose the M26x0.705 to M20x0.705 Objective Adapter, if the M20x0.705 infinity objective is used.
    3. Confirm the camera Image Area Size, it can be 1) Sensor Size (1/x in inch), 2) Image Diagonal Length, 3) Image Width or 4) Image Height to choose the right TV Lens.
    4. Choose the 45mm or 50 mm adapter according to the diameter of the bracket hole diameter .
    5. Choose the LED Direct Ring Light Module for the reflective illumination.
    6. Choose the Coaxial Light Module if coaxial illumination is required.
    7. Choose the Transmissive Light Module if transmissive illumination is required.
    8. Choose the Camera Module.

    We offer a variety of microscope cameras. Customers could get the detailed information of our cameras on the official website (http://www.touptek.com/) and choose the appropriate ones.

    The combinations of different the Auxiliary Lens, The Middle Zoom Module and the TV Lens. With this figure, user can configure Monocular Zoom Objective with different magnification to fit different sensor and different application
    Camera Auxiliary Lens-Main Zoom Module-TV Lens WD(mm) PMAG DFOV(mm) NAO
    1/3inch TZM0660-W3035-TV3050 248 0.11X-1.05X 57.14-5.71 0.005-0.032
    TZM0660-W3050-TV3050 174 0.15X-1.5X 40.00-4.00 0.007-0.045
    TZM0660-W3075-TV3050 115 0.23X-2.25X 26.67-2.67 0.011-0.068
    TZM0660-W3100-TV3050 86 0.3X-3.0X 20.00-2.00 0.015-0.09
    TZM0660-W3150-TV3050 56 0.45X-4.5X 13.33-1.33 0.022-0.135
    1/2inch TZM0660-W3035-TV3075 248 0.16X-1.6X 50.79-5.08 0.005-0.032
    TZM0660-W3050-TV3075 174 0.23X-2.3X 35.56-3.56 0.007-0.045
    TZM0660-W3075-TV3075 115 0.34X-3.4X 23.7-2.37 0.011-0.068
    TZM0660-W3100-TV3075 86 0.45X-4.5X 17.78-1.78 0.015-0.09
    TZM0660-W3150-TV3075 56 0.68X-6.8X 11.85-1.19 0.022-0.135
    2/3inch TZM0660-W3035-TV3100 248 0.21X-2.1X 52.38-5.24 0.005-0.032
    TZM0660-W3050-TV3100 174 0.3X-3.0X 36.67-3.67 0.007-0.045
    TZM0660-W3075-TV3100 115 0.45X-4.5X 24.44-2.44 0.011-0.068
    TZM0660-W3100-TV3100 86 0.6X-6.0X 18.33-1.83 0.015-0.09
    TZM0660-W3150-TV3100 56 0.9X-9.0X 12.22-1.22 0.022-0.135

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