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  • AFDM412 Electric Controlled Continuous Zoom and Autofocus Digital Microscope

  • 5 groups 16 elements EMZO with 0.0218~0.392X, 18X zoom ratio, supports auto and manual focus
  • 250mm standard working distance with 205~255mm depth of field
  • At standard working distance, the large field of view 255mm*145mm at 1X, 14.2mm*8mm 18X
  • Sony 1/2.8” 4K Starvis CMOS with high signal-to-noise ratio
  • 4K HDMI/USB/ETH/WiFi multiple video outputs
  • 4K/1080P auto switching according to monitor resolution
  • SD card/USB flash drive for captured image and video storage
  • Built-in mouse control software XFCAMView
  • Embedded mouse Camera & AF Control Panels, Measurement & Synthesis Control Toolbars
  • Multi-language support
  • Head suction LED ring light, t controlled by XFCAMView
  • With the adapter bracket of 76mm diameter
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    AFDM412 Electric Controlled Continuous Zoom and Autofocus Digital Microscope

    AFDM412 Help Manual

    AFDM is a series of electric controlled continuous zoom and autofocus all-in-one digital microscope with a large field of view by ToupTek Photonics. It is integrated with HDMI/USB/ETH/WiFi camera, Electric Controlled Continuous Zoom Auto-focus Objective and LED Integrated Illumintaion Light. AFDM is the abbreviation of Auto-focus Digital Microscope. Different products in the AFDM series can be formed with different part to satisfy the applicatuon requirement.

    AFDM can be assembled with various brackets or arms and offer a continuous zooming ratio with different lens. AFDM also supports autofocus mode and manual focus mode.

    AFDM comes with a high-performance SONY CMOS sensor. It also has an embedded ARM core, allowing the camera to be connected directly to the HDMI monitor. The camera has XFCAMView software built within it, including Camera Control Panel, Auto Focus Control Panel, Measurement Toolbar, and Synthesis Camera Control Toolbar. Users can directly control the camera and perform various operations through a USB mouse. The images and videos captured by AFDM can be saved on an SD card for on-site analysis and follow-up research.

    AFDM can be widely used in industrial inspection, medical observation, teaching and scientific research, automation system, and other fields.

    AFDM412 supports HDMI/USB/ETH/WiFi control and video output (ToupView). The frame rate of the output is 4K/30FPS, and the zoom range is 1X~18X. It also supports electric zoom and auto focusing.

    AFDM Camera Module Datasheet

    Order Code Sensor & Size(mm) Pixel(μm) G Sensitivity
    Dark Signal
    FPS/Resolution Binning Exposure
    H4KPA Sony IMX415LQR-C
    1.45x1.45 300mv/0.13 with 1/30s 30@3840*2160(HDMI)
    1x1 0.04~1000

    C: Color; M: Monochrome;

    AFDM Lens Module Datasheet

    Order Code Working Distance(mm) Zoom Range MTF(lp/mm) Distortion FOV@1.0X(mm) FOV@20X(mm
    EMZO-18XA-250 205-255 0.021X~0.39X 160 0.5% 255.0x145.0 14.2x8.0

    1X and 18x are defined as the normalized magnification, which is only used to represent the relative relationship between the lowest and highest magnification. Here, the normalized equations are 1x = 0.021/0.021; 18X=0.39/0.021;

    AFDM Light Module

    Order Code LED Power Inner Dia.(mm) Out Dia.(mm)  
    DRL-5076A-NPC 8 CREE xpes 3V/3A 50 76  

    DRL: LED direct ring light with adjustable brightness; NPC: No power cable

    AFDM412 Characteristic And Specification

    The AFDM412 comes with H4KPA HDMI camera, EMZO-18XA-250 lens and DRL-5076A-NPC light source;

    Back View of HDMI+USB Camera

    Interface & Button Functions
    USB Mouse USB mouse forXFCAMView control
    USB2.0 Connect USB flash drive to save pictures and videos
    Connect 5G WLAN module to transfer video wirelessly in real time withToupView/ToupLite
    HDMI Comply with HDMI1.4 standard. 4K/1080P format video output and supporting automatic switch between 4K and 1080P format according to the connected monitors
    USB Video Connect PC or other host device to realize video image transmission withToupView/ToupLite
    LAN LAN port to connect router and switch to transfer video withToupView/ToupLite
    ON/OFF Power on/off switch
    LED Power LED indicator
    SD Comply with SDIO3.0 standard and SD card could be inserted for video and images saving
    DC12V3A DC12V3A power input
    XFCAMView Software Funcitons
    UI Operation With USB mouse to operate on the embeddedXFCAMView
    Image Capture 8M (3840*2160) JPEG/TIFFimage in SD card or USB flash drive
    Video Record Video format:8M(3840*2160) H264/H265encoded MP4 file Video saving frame rate:30fps
    Camera Control Panel IncludingExposure,Gain,White Balance,Sharpness,Denoise,Denoise,Saturation, Gamma, Contrast,Brightness,Power Frequencycontrol
    Measurement Toolbar IncludingCalibration,Measurement, and measurement parameterExportfunctions
    Synthesis Control Toolbar Including softwareZoom,Flip,Freeze,Crosshair,LEDControl,Auto-focus,Comparison,Browser,Setting,VersionCheckfunction
    Auto Focus Control Panel IncludingZoom,AutoFocus,OnePush,ManualFocus,Reset, and other functions
    Software ToupView/ToupLite Environment under LAN/WLAN/USB Video Output
    White Balance Auto White Balance
    Color Technique Ultra-Fine Color Engine
    Capture/Control SDK Windows/Linux/macOS/Android Multiple Platform SDK(Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, Python, Java, DirectShow, Twain, etc)
    Recording System Still Picture or Movie
    Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 /10(32 & 64 bit)/ToupView OSx(Mac OS X)/ToupLite Linux/ToupLite
    PC Requirements CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
    Memory: 4GB or More
    Ethernet Port: RJ45 Ethernet Port
    Display:19” or Larger
    Operating Environment
    Operating Temperature(in Centidegree) -10~ 50
    Storage Temperature(in Centidegree) -20~ 60
    Operating Humidity 30~80%RH
    Storage Humidity 10~60%RH
    Length x Width x Height 80mm x 80mm x 80mm
    Shipping Weight 0.75kg


    The AFM412 comes with H4KPA HDMI camera, EMZO-18XA-250 lens and DRL-5076A-NPC light source(Optional);

    ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam
    Front View of the AFDM412 Back View of the AFDM412
    ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam
    Normal View Side View
    ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam
    The AFDM412 and Screen
    ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam
    UI of the XFCAMView for AFDM Series Product

    Potiential Application

    • Scientific research, education (teaching, demonstration and academic exchanges);
    • Digital laboratory, medical research;
    • Industrial visual (PCB examination, IC quality control);
    • Medical treatment (pathological observation);
    • Food (microbial colony observation and counting);
    • Aerospace, military (high sophisticated weapons);

    AFDM412 Dimension

    Installation drawings(Click to enlarge). The AFDM series body, made from tough, CNC aluminium alloy, ensures a heavy duty, workhorse solution. The HDMI camera is designed with a high quality IR-CUT to protect the camera sensor. No moving parts included. This design ensures a rugged, robust solution with an increased lifespan when compared to other industrial HDMI solutions.

    AFDM412 Dimension
    Dimension for AFDM412

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