XCAM0720PHB C-mount HDMI  CMOS Camera

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Photos Captured with HDMI+USD+SD Card Camera

Photos Captured with HDMI+USD+SD Card Camera
Photos Captured with HDMI+USD+SD Card Camera Limewood Stem C.S Chlamy Domonas W.M  Bacterial 3 Types Smear Pine Leaf C.S Housefly Mouth Parts W.M Skin of Frog Sec Corn Root C.S  Hydra L.S Salt Crystal Pine Young Male Cone L.S Plant Root Tip L.S(com) Monocotyledon Stem C.S Ranunculus Japonicus Lily Anther Sec Large Intestine Sec Moss Antheridium L.S Wool Fibers W.M Silk Fibers W.M Rabbit Hair W.M Corn Starch W.M Privet Leaf C.S Human Blood Smear Asoergillus W.M Mosquito Larva W.M Hydra W.M

TPS006050 Slide Package for XCAM1080PA Camera to Capture

The TPS006050 slide package is used  as the sample image. Hover your mouse on the image list will display the image title. One can find the XCAM1080PA camera has uniform background and high SNR. No.1~25 slides are used for U3CMOS18000KPA camera.
No. Slide Name(EN) 切片名(CN)
26 Limewood Stem C.S 椴木茎横切
27 Chlamy Domonas W.M  衣藻
28 Bacterial 3 Types Smear 细菌三星型
29 Pine Leaf C.S 松叶横切
30 Housefly Mouth Parts W.M 家蝇口器装片
31 Skin of Frog Sec 蛙皮肤切片
32 Corn Root C.S  玉米根横切
33 Hydra L.S 水螅纵切
34 Salt Crystal 盐结晶体装片
35 Pine Young Male Cone L.S 松雄性球果纵切
36 Plant Root Tip L.S(com) 玉米根尖纵切
37 Monocotyledon Stem C.S 单子叶茎横切
38 Ranunculus Japonicus 毛茛根切片
39 Lily Anther Sec 百合花药切片
40 Large Intestine Sec 大肠切片
41 Moss Antheridium L.S 藓精子器纵切
42 Wool Fibers W.M 羊毛纤维装片
43 Silk Fibers W.M 丝绸纤维装片
44 Rabbit Hair W.M 兔毛装片
45 Corn Starch W.M 玉米淀粉装片
46 Privet Leaf C.S 女贞叶横切
47 Human Blood Smear 人血涂片
48 Asoergillus W.M 曲霉
49 Mosquito Larva W.M 蚊子幼虫装片
50 Hydra W.M 水螅装片

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