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Photos Captured with UHCCD05100KPA

Photos Captured with UHCCD05100KPA
Photos Captured with UHCCD05100KPA Salt Crystals  W.M. Comparative Hairs Bacteria Three Types Smear Yeast Smear Chlamydomonas W.M. Fern Prothallus W.M. Pine Leaf  C.S. Corn Root Tip L.S. Potato Sec. Paramecium W.M. Butterfly Mounth Parts W.M. Grasshopper Wing W.M. Epithelia Cell W.M. Human Blood Smear Human Sperm Smear

TPS002015 Slide Package for UHCCD05100KPA Camera to Capture

The TPS002015 slide package is used  as the sample image. Hover your mouse on the image list will display the image title. One can find the UHCCD05100KPA camera has uniform background and high SNR.
No. Slide Name(EN) 切片名(CN)
1 Salt Crystals  W.M. 糖晶体装片
2 Comparative Hairs 人,羊,猫三毛发比较
3 Bacteria Three Types Smear  细菌三型
4 Yeast Smear 酵母菌
5 Chlamydomonas W.M. 衣藻
6 Fern Prothallus W.M. 蕨原叶体装片
7 Pine Leaf  C.S. 松叶横切
8 Corn Root Tip L.S. 玉米跟尖纵切
9 Potato Sec. 土豆切片
10 Paramecium W.M. 草履虫装片
11 Butterfly Mounth Parts W.M. 蝴蝶口器装片
12 Grasshopper Wing W.M. 蝗虫翅膀
13 Epithelia Cell W.M. 口腔上皮
14 Human Blood Smear 人血涂片
15 Human Sperm Smear 人精子涂片


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