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  • SWIR1300KMA/KMB TE-Cooling C-mount USB3.0 CMOS SWIR Camera

  • Standard C-Mount camera with SONY InGaAs SWIR CMOS sensors;
  • Visible and SWIR imaging 400nm-1700nm
  • Two-stage TE-cooling with controllable electric fan;
  • Sensor chip cooling up to 25~30°C below ambient temperature;
  • Working temperature can be regulated to specified temperature in 5 minutes;
  • Smart structure to assure the heat radiation efficiency and avoid the moisture problem;
  • Up to 1 hour long time exposure;
  • USB3.0 5Gbit/second interface ensuring high speed data transmission;
  • With advanced video & image processing application ToupView;
  • Support both video and trigger modes;
  • Windows/Linux/macOS/Android multiple platform SDK;
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    SWIR1300KMA/KMB Series TE-Cooling C-mount USB3.0 CMOS SWIR Camera(2)

    SWIR1300KMA/SWIR1300KMB is a TE-Cooling USB3.0 InGaAs SWIR camera,which adopts Sony IMX990 1/2 inch Short-Wavelength Infrared (SWlR) image sensor. It is suitable to capture images in both visible range and SWlR range, covering from 400nm to 1700nm. With smaller pixel size of 5um, imaging shows higher precision for quantitative researches.

    With the two-stage peltier cooling sensor chip reduce the senso to 25~30 degree below ambient temperature. This will greatly increase the signal to noise ratio and decrease the image noise. Smart structure is designed to assure the heat radiation efficiency and avoid the moisture problem. Electric fan is used to increase the heat radiation speed.

    SWIR comes with advanced video & image processing application ToupView; Providing Windows/Linux/macOS/ Android multiple platform SDK(Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, Python, Java, DirectShow, Twain, etc);

    SWIR camera can be used in electronic board inspection, solar cell inspection,semiconductor inspection, transmission observation, product inspection, identifying and sorting, water visualization, temperature observation, surveillance, anti-counterfeiting Short wave infrared high-end night vision security applications are also the best choice.

    Order Code Sensor & Size(mm) Pixel(μm) G Sensitivity
    Dark Signal
    FPS/Resolution(8 Bit) Binning Exposure
    Buit-in TEC
    5.0x5.0 121mV with 1/30s
    1.0mV with 1/30s
    External TEC
    5.0x5.0 121mV with 1/30s
    1.0mV with 1/30s


    Camera Specfication
    Sensor model Sony IMX990-AABA-C with Built-in TEC/External TEC
    Pixel size 5.0 µm x 5.0 µm
    Sensor size 1/2”
    Frame rate 108fps@1280*1024(12bit)
    DDR3 Memory 512MB(4Gb)
    Converion Gain KMA:44.30e-/ADU / KMB:42.82e-/ADU
    Dynamic range KMA:58.70dB/KMB:58.74dB
    Readout Noise KMA: 211e-/KMB: 197.63e-
    Full Well KMA: 181.60ke-/KMB: 175.41ke-
    SNRmax KMA: 52.60dB/KMB: 52.44dB
    Sensitivity 121mV
    Dark current KMA:383e/s(0°C) 510e/s(10°C) 638e/s(20°C)/KMB:638e/s(20°C)
    Gain range 1x-15x
    Exposure time 50µs-3600sec
    Shutter Global shutter
    Binning Software 2x2, 3x3, 4x4
    Data interface USB3.0
    Digital I/O One optical-coupling isolated input, one optical-coupling isolated output, tow non-isolated input and output
    Data Format Mono 8bit / Mono12bit
    Cooling performance SWIR1300KMA: 25°C below ambient temperature;
    SWIR1300KMB: 10°C below ambient temperature
    General specification
    Power supply Power with USB3.0 and 12V Power adapter
    Power consumption <2.1W(No cooling) / <25W(Cooling)
    Temperature Working temperature -20~60℃, storage temperature -40~85℃
    Humidity 20%-80%, no condensation
    Size 75mm×75mm×68mm
    Weight 648g
    Lens mount C-mount
    Software ToupView/ SDK
    Operating system Win32/WinRT/Linux/macOS/Android
    Certification CE, FCC

    Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics and Quantum Efficiency

    SWIR Camera Dimension
    Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics Tj = 15 ˚C, Characteristics in the package status, Constant irradiation energy at each wavelength)
    MTR3CMOS Camera Dimension
    Quantum Efficiency Tj = 15 ˚C, Characteristics in the package status, Constant photon number at each wavelength)

    Dimension of SWIR Series Camera

    Installation drawings(Click to enlarge). The SWIR series camera body, made from CNC alumnium alloy, ensures a heavy duty, workhorse solution. The camera is designed with a high quality IR-CUT to protect the camera sensor. No moving parts included. This design ensures a rugged, robust solution with an increased lifespan when compared to other industrial camera solutions.

    SWIR Camera Dimension
    MTR3CMOS Camera Dimension
    Dimension of SWIR series camera


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