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TZM0756 0.7-5.6X MZO
  • TZM0756 0.7-5.6X MZO

  • Provide basic zoom objective W100-TZM0756-TV100 with 0.7X~5.6X zoom range
  • Large optical zoom ratio: 8X
  • Larger NAO: 0.018-0.092 (When using 1x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Higher resolution: 18.6um-3.65um (When using 1x Auxiliary Lens)
  • Larger field of view: 0.99mm-31.74mm(Object plane)
  • Larger sensor size: 2/3 Inch (When using 1x TV Lens)
  • Working distance: 37.5mm-160mm
  • Parfocal in zoom range
  • Compatible with infinity objectives (both biological and metallographic)
  • Specification Sample Image 1 Sample Image 2 Sample Image 3 Packing List

    TZM0756 Monocular Zoom Objective(MZO)

    TZM0756 is designed with modularized structure which is based on the bilateral parallel light path.with excellent optical performance. The TZM0756 can be used in the fields of machine vision, industrial inspection and scientific research.(TZM0756_en Manual)

    The Five Basic Modules of TZM0756 Series MZO

    The five basic modules are: Middle Zoom Module, Auxiliary Lens Module, TV Lens Module, Bracket Adapter Module and Optional Module as shown below(The Optional Module is not shown):

    Packing Information
    TZM0756 Main Body, including Auxiliary Lens Module, Middle Zoom Module, TV Lens, Camera Adapter Tube and Bracket Adapter

    The Nomenclature of the TZM0756 Series MZO

    Because of TZM0756 series MZO’s modular design, each module of TZM0756 series MZO is named respectively. The specific naming rules and corresponding parameters of each module are as follows:

    Module one: Middle Zoom Module (code TZM0756aa)

    Middle Zoom Module (code TZM0756aa), which is the main body of TZM0756 series MZO. There are four types of Middle Zoom Modules including TZM0756, TZM0756T, TZM0756DandTZM0756TD. Details are listed in Table below

    Order Number Meaning TZM0756 Postfix meaning
    TZM0756  Ordinary Middle Zoom Module 0.7X~5.6X NA
    TZM0756T  Middle Zoom Module with back focus trimmable(adjustable) function 0.7X~5.6X T:Trim
    TZM0756D  Middle Zoom Module with detent to fix the magnification function 0.7X~5.6X D:Detent 
    TZM0756TD  Middle Zoom Module with back focus trimmable and magnification detent functions 0.7X~5.6X TD:Trim & Detent 

    Module two: the replaceable Auxiliary Lens Module(code Wbbb)

    The replaceable Auxiliary Lens(code Wbbb), which can be threaded to the bottom of the Middle Zoom Module, bbb represents the magnification of Auxiliary Lens. Different magnification of the Auxiliary Lens defines the entire magnification of TZM0756 series MZO, resulting different working distance as well. For example, compared with the W100 Auxiliary Lens with 1.00x magnification reaches 80mm working distance, while W050 Auxiliary Lens will have a reduced magnification to half and the working distance will be extended to about 160mm. Auxiliary Lens and its corresponding optical parameters are shown in Table below:

    Order number Magnification Working distance(mmm) Field of View in the object side
    (TV050, 1/3" sensor)
    Lower magnification Higher magnification
    W050 0.5X 160 34.28mm 4.28mm
    W075 0.75X 105 20.81mm 2.86mm
    W100 1.00X 80 17.14mm 2.14mm
    W150 1.50X 51.5 11.43mm 1.43mm
    W200 2.00X 37.5 8.57mm 1.07mm

    Module three: TV Lens Module(code TVccc),

    TV Lens (code TVccc), which can be threaded to the top of Middle Zoom Module, ccc is the magnification of TV Lens. TV Lens with different magnification is used to adapt to sensors with different size . For example, the same field of view could be obtained when TV100 is used with a 2/3” size sensor and TV050 is used with a 1/3” size sensor. TV Lens and its corresponding optical parameters are shown in Table below:

    Order number The maximum compatible sensor size
    TV050 1/3"
    TV075 1/1.8"
    TV100 2/3"
    TV150 1"
    TV200 4/3"

    Module four: Bracket Adapter Module (code Add)

    Bracket Adapter(code Add), which is used for brackets with different mounting apertures and is sheathed in the middle of the MZO, and dd is the diameter of the bracket . Current available Adds include A50 and A45. The installation method of Bracket Adapter and bracket is shown below.

    Packing Information
    TZM0756 series’ Bracket Adapter

    Module Five: Light Source Module for TZM0756 Series MZO

    Module Order Number Description
    Coaxial Light Module TZM0756CL+TZM0756SL Coaxial Light Adapter + LED Spot Light
    LED Direct Ring Light Module TZM0756DRL LED Direct Ring Light
    TZM0756DRPL LED Direct Ring Polarization Light
    Transmissive Light Module TZM0756TL LED Transmissive Light
    Power of light source 40600014 US:POWER-U-12V1A(Power Adapter American Standard)
    40600015 DE: POWER-E-12V1A(Power Adapter European standard

    The Final Naming of TZM0756 Series MZO

    We have a special naming format for TZM0756 series MZO, we name TZM0756 series products with a series module code, which is a combination of code of different modules and connected with crossbar “-” to form a comprehensive naming. With this paradigm, user can understand the meaning and function briefly. For example, if a MZO is composed of Middle Zoom Module TZM0756TD, Auxiliary Lens W100(1.00x), TV Lens TV050(0.5x) and 50mm Bracket Adapter A50, the final MZO can be expressed as:


    Currently available TZM0756aa: TZM0756, TZM0756T,TZM0756D,TZM0756TD;

    Currently available Wbbb: W100, W050, W075, W150 and W200;

    Currently available TVccc: TV100, TV050, TV075, TV150 and TV200;

    Currently available Add: A50 and A45;

    Currently available Optional Modules are LED Direct Ring Light Module (including LED Direct Ring Light Module and LED Direct Ring Polarization Light Module) and Coaxial Light Module (composed of Coaxial Light Adapter and LED Spot Light).

    The other Auxiliary Lens with b.bb magnification, TV Lens withc.cc magnification and Bracket Adapter with dd mm size can be customized according to the requirements.

    The Configuration of TZM0756 Series MZO

    Basic module and optional module of monocular zoom microscope objective

    The Dimension of TZM0756 Series MZO

    Dimensions of TZM0756-W100-TV100-A50 with different light module
    a) TZM0756-W100-TV100-A50 without light module;
    b) TZM0756-W100-TV100-A50 equipped with Direct Ring Light Module,
    c) TZM0756-W100-TV100-A50 equipped with Coaxial Light Module)

    Model List of TZM0756 Series MZO with different Auxiliary and TV Lens

    The combinations of different the Auxiliary Lens, The Middle Zoom Module and the TV Lens. With this figure, user can configure Monocular Zoom Objective with different magnification to fit different sensor and different application.

    In the table, the code TZM0756aa's aa is not specified which can be TZM0756, TZM0756T, TZM0756D and TZM0756TD

    In the table, the code code Add does not specified which can be A50 or A45

    Camera Auxiliary Lens-Main Zoom Module-TV Lens WD(mm) PMAG DFOV(mm) NAO
    1/3“ TZM0756-W050-TV050 160 0.18X-1.40X 34.28-4.28 0.009-0.046
    TZM0756-W075-TV050 105 0.26X-2.10X 20.81-2.86 0.013-0.069
    TZM0756-W100-TV050 80 0.35X-2.80X 17.14-2.14 0.018-0.092
    TZM0756-W150-TV050 51.5 0.53X-4.20X 11.43-1.43 0.026-0.138
    TZM0756-W200-TV050 37.5 0.70X-5.60X 8.57-1.07 0.035-0.182
    1/1.8” TZM0756-W050-TV075 160 0.26X-2.10X 33.97-4.25 0.009-0.046
    TZM0756-W075-TV075 105 0.40X-3.15X 22.67-2.84 0.013-0.069
    TZM0756-W100-TV075 80 0.53X-4.20X 17.02-2.13 0.018-0.092
    TZM0756-W150-TV075 51.5 0.79X-6.30X 11.34-1.42 0.026-0.138
    TZM0756-W200-TV075 37.5 1.05X-8.40X 8.51-1.06 0.035-0.182
    2/3“ TZM0756-W050-TV100 160 0.35X-2.80X 31.74-3.93 0.009-0.046
    TZM0756-W075-TV100 105 0.53X-4.20X 20.99-2.61 0.013-0.069
    TZM0756-W100-TV100 80 0.70X-5.60X 15.80-1.96 0.018-0.092
    TZM0756-W150-TV100 51.5 1.05X-8.40X 10.46-1.31 0.026-0.138
    TZM0756-W200-TV100 37.5 1.40X-11.2X 7.90-0.99 0.035-0.182
    1” TZM0756-W050-TV150 160 0.53X-4.20X 30.48-3.81 0.009-0.046
    TZM0756-W075-TV150 105 0.79X-6.30X 20.25-2.54 0.013-0.069
    TZM0756-W100-TV150 80 1.05X-8.40X 15.24-1.90 0.018-0.092
    TZM0756-W150-TV150 51.5 1.58X-12.6X 10.13-1.27 0.026-0.138
    TZM0756-W200-TV150 37.5 2.10X-16.8X 7.62-0.95 0.035-0.182
    4/3“ TZM0756-W050-TV200 160 0.70X-5.60X 32.14-4.02 0.009-0.046
    TZM0756-W075-TV200 105 1.05X-8.40X 21.43-2.68 0.013-0.069
    TZM0756-W100-TV200 80 1.40X-11.2X 16.07-2.01 0.018-0.092
    TZM0756-W150-TV200 51.5 2.10X-16.8X 10.71-1.34 0.026-0.138
    TZM0756-W200-TV200 37.5 2.80X-22.4X 8.04-1.00 0.035-0.182

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