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  • CamPI Camera Intelligent Control Platform(CICP)

  • Modular high scalability
  • Simple image transmission
  • Openness of product development
  • Portability of product use/integration
  • Versatility of product application
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    CamPI Camera Intelligent Control Platform(CICP)

    CamPICamPI Camera Intelligent Control Platform(CICP) help manual,Please click the left connection to download!!

    CamPI is a SoC camera intelligent control platform launched by ToupTek Photonics that integrates powerful computing power and camera control functions. The HCMOS series cameras developed by ToupTek Photonics only need a standard HDMI cable to connect with the CamPI camera intelligent control platform and complete the functions of camera control, video display, image capture, video recording and measurement.

    The CamPI camera intelligent control platform is equipped with multi-touch TFT-LCD displays of different sizes and resolutions, which can get rid of the user's dependence on the keyboard and mouse during operation, and use finger touch operation to realize the control of HCMOS cameras or other peripherals manipulation.

    The combination of CamPI series camera intelligent control platforms and HCMOS series cameras are expected to be used in various products such as intelligent detection, processing, analysis and control, covering public security criminal investigation, precision agriculture and forestry, water quality monitoring, remote sensing and telemetry, industrial inspection, cultural relics identification, medical treatment, etc. This combination has extremely high commercial prospects and value.

    CamPI hardware features

    Modular high scalability:The core board and the interface board are designed independently, while focusing on the core camera functions, it has the characteristics of high scalability and embeddability;

    Simple image transmission:Only one HDMI cable is needed to connect with HCMOS series cameras, which can perfectly realize the control of the camera, the transmission, display and processing of image and video data, eliminating the trouble of hardware compatibility and camera driver problems, seamlessly integrated with the camera, providing users with worry-free mobile image acquisition solutions;

    Openness of product development:Users can develop and run their own image processing applications through the supplied SDK, realize on-site industrial control through standard user interfaces, process image and video data according to preferences and needs, and finally submit scientific reports, completely liberated from camera hardware problems and image or video data capture problems, focus on problem-oriented image processing and analysis, and quickly develop user own target equipment;

    Portability of product use/integration:Compact size ensures portability for product use and integration;

    Versatility of product application:It can be applied to various scenarios, such as microscope observation, biological image analysis, industrial inspection and various intelligent image analysis equipment, to meet different development needs.





    CamPI series camera intelligent control platform

    Currently, there are two types to choose from, and more will be added in the future.

    Model Processor/th> Memory/Storage Display Computing Power System Version
    CamPI2K133A RK3399 2G LPDDR3/32GEMMC 1080P multi-touch display NA Android 10.0
    CamPI4K133A RK3588 2G LPDDR3/32GEMMC 4K multi-touch display 6 TOPS Android 12.0

    Peripheral interfaces and specifications of CamPI2K133A camera intelligent control platform

    No Name and Function
    1 Recovery key:Used together withPower key13, press both at the same time to enter the firmware burning mode.
    2 SD card slot:
    3 USB 3.0 A port 1:External mouse, keyboard, U disk and other peripherals can be connected.
    4 USB-C port: External mouse, keyboard, U disk and other peripherals can be connected; it can be connected to the DP port of the monitor to display the CamPI2K133A interface; It can be connected to a PC, and the built-in storage of CamPI2K133A can be accessed on the PC side; in the firmware burning mode, the firmware can be burned on the PC side.
    5 HDMI 2.0 A port 1:HCMOS series camera input interface 1.
    6 12V DC5525:Power input interface.
    7 Status indicator: The left side is the power indicator light, which is off when the power is not connected, and is always red when the power is connected; The right side is the running indicator light, which goes out when the machine is turned off, and the green light flashes when it is turned on.
    8 2.5mm audio port:External shutter release.
    9 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive network port
    10 USB 2.0 A port 1:External mouse, keyboard, U disk and other peripherals can be connected.
    11 HDMI 2.0 A port 2:HCMOS series camera input interface 2.
    12 USB 3.0 A port 2:USB3.0 image data interface.The function is not yet available.
    13 Power button:Short press to power on; long press to power off.

    HCMOS Series Cameras Compatible with CamPI Camera Intelligent Control Platform

    Model Sensor & Size Pixel (μm) G Sensitivity/Dark Signal FPS FPS Exposure
    HCMOS08300KPA 8.3M/IMX678(C)
    2.0x2.0 3541(mV/lx/s)
    0.15mv with 1/30s
    42@1920x1080 3840x2160 0.02ms~15s
    HCMOS08300KPB 8.3M/IMX585
    2.9x2.9 5970mv with 1/30s
    0.15mv with 1/30s
    42@1920x1080 3840x2160 0.02ms~15s
    HCMOS20000KPA 20M/IMX283
    1” (13.2x8.9)
    2.4x2.4 TBD TBD TBD TBD
    HCMOS45000KPA 45M/IMX294
    4.6x4.6 108mv with 1/30s
    0.03mv with 1/30s
    42@1920x1080 8160*5616 0.02ms~15s
    (M,UV, RS)
    6.5x6.5 1.1x108(e-/((W/m2).s))
    (M,UV, RS)
    6.5x6.5 1.1x108(e-/((W/m2).s))
    HSWIR01300KMA 1.3M/IMX990(M)
    5.0x5.0 121mV with 1/30s
    1.0mV with 1/30s


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