L3CMOS Series C-Mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

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About ToupTek

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

         Hangzhou ToupTek Photonics Co., Ltd. was formed in 2003 by Dr. Peng Liu  and Professor Field Yu from Zhejiang University  to design and manufacture modestly-priced, high-performance digital cameras for use with laboratory microscopes. Initially, all of ToupTek’s customers were microscope manufacturers and all ToupTek products carried the microscope brand names.

          Then, in 2010, ToupTek began developing and introducing microscope cameras under its own label for user retrofitting of existing microscopes. This effort was quickly successful due to the reputation of the cameras supplied through the microscope OEMS. Since that introduction, ToupTek has expanded its camera offerings to include handheld digital microscopes and a large variety of cameras suitable for industrial imaging. ToupTek also adapted its camera control and image processing software, ToupView, for general use and provides this with its cameras at no cost. ToupTek has recently begun to expand its product offerings by introducing a line of USB spectrometers.

         ToupTek is fully self-contained, doing its own product development and manufacturing in its facility in Hangzhou, China. Its technical team currently includes five PhDs with expertise in cameras, optics and imaging software. ToupTek currently exports about 80% of its product and has, as a result, obtained many safety and regulatory certifications from around the world and contributes its expertise to various committees working on standards that would apply to ToupTek product.


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