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60N-C series TV adapters for the Zeiss microscope

60N-C(T2) Series TV Adapters for the Zeiss Microscope

       C-mount Adapter to allow microscope camera to be connected to the trinocular head of a microscope

       ToupTek new range of microscope camera adapters have been carefully designed and manufactured. We offer a wide and ever growing range of adapters, with both c-mount and T2 mount options, for most microscopes. All of our adapters’ magnifications range from 0.50X to 1.2X to fit for the different camera sensor sizes.

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

60N-C 0.5X

60N-C 0.63X

60N-C 0.8X

60N-C 1.0X

60N-T2 1.2X

       Please check the compatibility list below to ensure that the adapter is correct for you. If you cannot find the adapter you are looking for in the list, please contact us directly and our team will be happy to help you.

       C mount is a type of lens mount commonly found on 16mm movie cameras, closed-circuit television cameras, and trinocular microscope phototubes.

      C-mount lenses provide a male thread which mates with a female thread on the camera. The thread is nominally 1.000 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter, with 32 threads per inch, designated as "1-32 UN 2A" in the ANSI B1.1 standard for unified screw threads. The flange focal distance is 17.526 millimeters (0.6900 in) for C mount.

The C-mount specification has several dimensions associated with it:
Mounting Thread = 1 inch x 32 tpi UN 2A
Length of Lens Thread = 3.8mm
Lens Flange Focal Distance = 17.52mm
Camera Depth (C-Mount Face to Image) = 17.52mm

      The above dimensions are employed by all C-Mount lens manufacturers as well as all C-Mount camera manufacturers for any lens and camera combination to image properly.

      T mount, also known as T2, T-mount, Taisei mount, or Tamron mount, is a standardized mechanism developed in 1957 by Taisei Kogaku (later known as Tamron) for attaching threaded lenses to cameras. Most camera manufacturers used proprietary mounts which worked only with their cameras and lenses. The T mount was unusual in that the use of an open standard allowed the possibility of a single lens mount that inter-operated between cameras and lenses from different manufacturers. The standard calls for lenses to have a male M42x0.74 metric thread with a flange focal distance (FFD) of 55mm. The term T thread is sometimes used to refer to this type of lens threading. T mounts should not be confused with the M42 mount which also uses a 42 mm metric thread but has a pitch of 1 mm rather than 0.74 mm. T mount and M42 mounts cannot be used interchangeably without damaging the threads.

       Cameras generally do not have T mounts. Instead a T adapter or T2 adapter are used between the camera and the lens. On the rear side a T/T2 adapter has a mount appropriate to the brand and model of camera it will attach to. On the front of the T/T2 adapter is a female threaded connector matching the T thread of the lens.

      The T mount is a mechanical-only mount, meaning it does nothing beyond physically connect the lens to the camera. It does not transfer electrical signals, autofocus information, or aperture settings.

For the large sensor size, we design the camera with T2 mount so that there will be no blocking of the input light to ensure the camera with uniform illumination.

      ToupTek camera U3CMOS16000KPB(16M/MN34230PLJ(C) 4/3“ (17.6x13.3)) comes with the T2 mount, thus the 60N-T2 1.2X is required to get the wide field of view of the Zeiss microscope

      This adapter is compatible with the following Zeiss microscopes:

Axio Examiner.A1
Axio Examiner.D1
Axio Examiner.Z1
Axio Imager Vario
Axio Imager.A1
Axio Imager.A1m
Axio Imager.A2
Axio Imager.A2m
Axio Imager.D1
Axio Imager.D1 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment
Axio Imager.D1m
Axio Imager.D2
Axio Imager.D2m
Axio Imager.M1
Axio Imager.M1m
Axio Imager.M2
Axio Imager.M2m
Axio Imager.Z1
Axio Imager.Z1 + ApoTome
Axio Imager.Z1m
Axio Imager.Z2
Axio Imager.Z2m
Axio Lab.A1
Axio Lab.A1 FL-LED
Axio Lab.A1 MAT
Axio Lab.A1 Pol
Axio Observer.A1
Axio Observer.A1 Entry
Axio Observer.D1
Axio Observer.D1 + ApoTome
Axio Observer.D1 Entry
Axio Observer.D1 Mid Range
Axio Observer.D1 TIRF 3
Axio Observer.Z1
Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer
Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer SD
Axio Observer.Z1 High End
Axio Observer.Z1 TIRF 3
Axio Observer.Z1m ACR
Axio Scope.A1
Axio Scope.A1 Pol
Axio Scope.A1 Vario
Axio Vert.A1
Axio Vert.A1 FL
Axio Vert.A1 FL-LED
Axio Vert.A1 MAT
Axio Zoom.V16
Axioplan 2 Imaging
Axiovert 200
Axiovert 200 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment
Axiovert 200 M
PALM CombiSystem Rel. 4.2
PALM MicroBeam
PALM MicroBeam Rel.4.2
PALM MicroTweezers Rel.4.2
SteREO Discovery.V12
SteREO Discovery.V8
SteREO Lumar.V12

     For further information or to order this item, please contact us.

      This 1.0x camera adapter will connect your c-mount digital camera to the phototube of compatible Zeiss microscopes (see list in description). The "60N" mount is compatible with all current Zeiss Axio series and stereo microscopes. Highly corrected and high transmission for optimum image quality. It is ideally suited for cameras with 1" or 2/3" sensors. Item is in like new condition.

       Pls clicke the link below for the details of the 60N-C TV Adapter (http://www.touptek.com/product/showproduct.php?lang=en&id=250)

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