L3CMOS Series C-Mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

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About ToupCam camera: A review from our customer

Link: http://www.bonis-artibus.ch/79401.html in German. The following is English translated from German

The link to the product manufacturers:
If I was not excited about this product, I would definitely NOT take it into my homepage. Convince yourself of the good quality and low price of these cameras myself.
         In January I bought a UCMOS USB 2.0 camera with 14 megapixels.(UCMOS14000KPA, which is 14 Mega Pixel, now, we have USB3.0 U3CMOS14000KPA with high frame rate, about 7 frames/s)
          The effort is out of proportion to the good performance of this device. The total investment belif to CHF 500.00. It was included:
- A solid metal camera body. The thread for the adaptation  is a C-mount. It also has a tripod socket.
- A very quick USB cable.
- The latest version of the control software. With this, the Kamara:

a) Photographing - in all light microscopic and macroscopic areas
b) films - in all light microscopic and macroscopic areas
c) planimetric measurements, with all basic geometric shapes perform.
In the future, you will probably also can make image analytical analyzes.

That's why I've been in contact with the company. 

Basic Configuration of ToupCam Camera and Microscope

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Binocular Digital Microscope
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ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam
Size Description of the Connection Parts
ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Adapters for different types of microscopes.

There are also eyepieces that can be screwed. The following magnifications are available for discussion: 0.37 x / x 0.50 / 0.75 x
There are two types:

a) Some have a fixed focus.
b) The others have a variable focus. These can be used to synchronize parfocality with the binocular.The diameter of these eyepieces adaptor is 23.2 mm.

Tube adapter for stereo microscopes available, the correct from 23.2 to 30.0 mm or 30.5 mm. For astronomers: The camera can, with special adapters are used to spotting scopes for astronomy.
Have I made you curious?
As an expert in these cameras, I'm happy for information:

E-mail: walter.naenny @ bluewin.ch
Phone: +41 (0) 44 781 38 71

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