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Chromosomes photo with MTR3CCD01400KMB camera

  Chromosome analysis requires high resolution of images, and clear chromosome images are prerequisite for chromosome recognition. The main factors that cause the chromosome image to be unclear are the following:

  Whether the chromosome band is clear or not, is restricted by many factors, such as the experiment reagent, the experiment condition, the method of operation and the personnel experience, the optical properties of the microscope, the effect of different grades of microscope on image quality, are obvious, in which the performance of the objective lens is very important. The imaging performance of the camera includes analog cameras and digital cameras, and the quality of images captured by digital cameras will be higher.

 Chromosome image analysis with curve adjustment, histogram adjustment, sharpening function can function with shade depth of chromosome.

Incompatibility of microscope, camera will seriously affect the quality of chromosome images.

With the Leica DM500+ToupTek MTR3CCD01400KMB, a high quality of chromosome image can be captured as shown below

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

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