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CCD vs CMOS or Exmor CMOS? Which is better?

Much has been written about the relative advantages of CMOS versus CCD sensors. It seems that the debate has continued on for as long as most people can remember with no definitive conclusion in sight. It is not surprising that a definitive answer is elusive, since the topic is not static. Technologies and markets evolve, affecting not only what is technically feasible, but also what is commercially viable. Imager applications are varied, with different and changing requirements. Some applications are best served by CMOS sensor, some by CCDs. In this article, we will attempt to add some clarity to the discussion by examining the different situations, explaining some of the lesser known technical trade-offs, and introducing cost considerations into the picture.

Because of the length of this report, user can download it from the following link.

[ToupTek]CCD_VS_CMOS.pdf (Use the right mouse button will popup a right mouse button context menu, choose save as to download it ).

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