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Experience report: 5 MP microscope eyepiece and c-mount camera

A review about ocular camera from our customer


            Referring to this posting, I once tested this microscope camera offered with screwed on a c-mount thread eyepiece.

            The camera carries the model name UCMOS5100KPA.

            The camera is made of metal, painted in matt black (or anodized, not sure I can judge), relatively heavy and makes a "quality" feel.  Standard supplied with a sufficiently long (2 m) USB cable and software CD.

            Strange, the accompanying adapter from 23.2 mm to 30.5 (!) Mm! I have now but some microscopes and Stemis, but none of them has an ocular of 30.5 mm. So this camera can at least initially only be used on microscopes or tubes with 23.2 mm!

            The installation of the drivers and the software ran under XP easily and quickly.

            Its drivers and the software really find here now significant advances that make the operation much more comfortable. There are many settings that will actually work and have a marked effect.

            Overall, it can be in a middle-aged average PC system (mine is about 3 years old, Intel dual core processor, mid-range graphics card) operate very well and smoothly.

            First of all: As for the menus, and the naming of the regulator, it needs no words. Crude unintelligible translations, as always! But otherwise it is known even by "brand cameras" for over 1000 EUR. But you get out pretty quickly that a key labeled "Click" (which is seriously so labeled!) Setting the white balance.

           In zoomable live stream preview window, you can specify a freely positionable cut any size, in which all relevant measurements are made for the automatic exposure and white balance. The automatic exposure works well. In particular, the "One-click white balance" works absolutely perfectly (better than I am used to from more expensive systems!). So far I have seen in any microscope camera as a properly functioning white balance function. Placed in the measuring field of an empty image area clicked white balance and the background is really "pure white"!.

           For the live stream three resolutions can be chosen so that a surprisingly fluid image with a frame rate of 13 - 16 / s is achieved. Thus, the unbearable stuttering has an end and the focus is so easily performed.

           With numerous brightness, contrast and saturation controls the image can be effectively optimized.

            And now the most important thing: The camera produces, you may not believe it, no (yes, you read that right: no) Hot Spot!

         I hope that I have not made a special stroke of luck, but that it is in all cameras of this series that way. All Ocular Camera that I have seen so far produce a more or a few intense, but usually significantly disturbing hot spot.

           In this respect it would be the first eyepiece camera with which I could myself "making friends" for specific applications.

The usual disadvantages of all known Ocular Camera is natural (and necessarily) also exists, namely a significant CVD at last to the edge systems. Whether that is relevant affects the image quality, and of course also depends on the object of its own quality standards. In plants, cuts / histology falling rather not significant.

             My personal overall rating: Not quite and not worse than some "sub-optimal" adaptation of a much more expensive c-mount camera.

           I want the camera really is not "in the sky praise," because all these cameras generally have weaknesses. Although I still prefer other solutions, this camera for one or the other microscopist can be quite useful if the demands are not too high. For the price the performance is really o.k.! For I know "brands" Ocular Camera and also c-mount cameras, which provide significantly better results in no more than three times the price. In case of doubt: In order to test and interest, if use 14-day return policy.

           Here are some software windows ( not shown here)

           Here are some sample image captured with UCMOS05100KPA

ToupTek Photonics | ToupCam

Sample captured by UCMOS05100KPA

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