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Camera Adaptor and Digital Microscope-4

4 Basic requirement of the Reduction Lenses

           Normally, you cannot afford to buy a camera with sensor size larger than 18, 20 or 22mm. Thus a Reduction Lenses or Camera Adaptor is needed to connect a camera to the microscope.
           To satisfy different sizes of the sensor, different Reduction Lenses are needed. To cover the most of the sensor size, ToupTek’ s optical experts design a series of the Reduction Lenses. What customer needs to do is to choose the C-mount camera and TouTek engineer will choose the right Camera Adaptor for your camera.

            There are many Reduction Lenses on the internet, then how to judge which is better than others. Here, we list some basic rules for your reference:

1. Good Reduction Lens should couple with all of the objective lenses
2. Good Reduction Lend should couple with the objective lenses in both stop position and stop size
3. Reduction Lenses should have high transmittance and low reflectivity
4. High quality IR-CUT should be used to cut all of the infrared light to stop these lights participating the imaging process.
5. No ghost image on the image plane.
6. The lenses tube should be absolutely blackened to prevent the stray light from the tube surface.

Camera Adaptor and Digital Microscope-5

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